Frex Sim3PedalV2 Compatible with Thrustmaster / Logitech

Frex Sim3PedalV2

Frex, the makers of high end sim raicng hardware announced on their Facebook page a few days ago that their Sim3PedalV2 is now directly compatible with Thrustmaster wheels. They are also stating that they will work while connected to a Playstation 3 and 4. The pedals retail for 138,000 Yen which equates to $1152.02 here in the U.S. That’s not cheap, but in line with other high end hydraulic pedal sets on the market.

Based on their ordering page, it looks like you can get them with G25 / G27 direct connection as well or stand alone USB direct connection.

Frex Sim3PedalV2

You can check out a video they posted of it that shows it’s connected to a T300 via the Thrustmaster Windows profile.

Since the Thrustmaster T300 RS, T500 RS and TX all share the same connector, I would imagine this would work with all three wheels and specifically the TX on the XBox One.

Here’s some specs on the pedals from their site:

Aluminum strong stiff and durable construction
Hydraulic Brake system with real hydraulic pressure sensor
Newly developed durable and precise Liner Contact-less Hall effect sensor on Throttle and Clutch
Brake maximum foot pressure can be set up to 100kg foot force
Vibration brake at setup pressure
Clutch diaphragm spring simulated clutch feel
Adjustable spring tensions
Adjustable free play distance of brake pad against rotor
Adjustable brake feel street to race
Adjustable height of pedal
Adjustable travel
Adjustable pedal angle
Adjustable pedal to pedal distance
Auto fill brake fluid from reservoir

Comes with Standalone 4096 steps USB controller for PC

Width 320mm
Length 400mm (bolt hole to bolt hole) 560mm with controller box
Height 310mm – 330mm
Weight: 11kg

Do any of you out there have this pedal set ? If so, what do you think of it ?