rFactor 2 – Free Migration to Steam ends January 31

Just a friendly and timely reminder to all owners of rFactor 2 who originally purchased their copy from the ISI website. Free migration to Steam ends January 31, which is the cut off day for support for the non-Steam version of the title.

From tomorrow onwards, Studio 397 will not support any and all non-Steam copies of rFactor 2. There will no longer be any build updates or new content released that will be compatible with this version of the title.

Recently steps were taken to make the purchase of online passes redundant. Owners of rFactor 2 whose copies have already been migrated over to Steam will be able to access the online functionality of the title by default and will not be required to undertake any further steps to do so.

In case you are in the camp that has not yet migrated to Steam, there is a summarised guide available here. For your convenience, the guide has also been added to this article. This will be your last opportunity to add rFactor 2 to your Steam library free of charge.

rFactor 2

How can I transfer my rF2 purchase to Steam?
You absolutely should move to Steam because it is the only place to get new updates and content. Also, multiplayer is now free on steam, so you don’t have to worry about losing subscription time.

Use this form. Your rFactor 2 Steam Key will be emailed to you. Then use the key like this.

Please note the following points before proceeding:

NOTE: Some email providers do block our emails. Contact us if you cannot find the email within a few hours.

How to Update rFactor 2
We will not be updating the non-Steam version of rFactor 2 again. You should move to Steam if you want to receive the latest updates and new content.

How can I contact ISI for support?
If you do not wish to ask for help in the rF2 forums, you can contact us or Studio 397 directly via our support email.

How do I renew my online access?
Renewals no longer exist. Online subscriptions are now included and free for multiplayer.

Can I upgrade from standard to lifetime?
We are no longer offering upgrades as multiplayer does not require a subscription anymore.