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American Truck Simulator – Free Big Rig Peterbilt 389!

The popular PC title, American Truck Simulator, has been upgraded with a new truck model, the iconic Peterbilt 389. Even better news for players of the game, SCS Software have added this new truck to the game free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

SCS is well on the way to re-scaling their American Truck Simulator map, making it an even bigger world to drive across! What better way to explore this new world than in the Peterbilt 389? The studio has definitely gone to great lengths to ensure the iconic shape and style of the long haul truck are translated seamlessly into the game. Some of the tools at their disposal were accurate scans and images, as well as sound recordings of the real thing, which were procured at the Paccar Technical Center located at Mount Vernon, Washington in the United States.

The video trailer accompanying this article depicts features and content not yet available for the title. This new content will be added to the game when it is updated in the very near future. Not withstanding this, the Peterbilt 389 is available now for download on Steam! The upcoming map expansion for the title is currently under development and will most likely be scheduled for release as a free update to the title. An exact release date for the new content has not yet been revealed.

If you have not had the opportunity to try American Truck Simulator for yourself, the game is available for purchase via the Steam network.

A Little Background On The Peterbilt 389:

Peterbilt 389 is a successor to Peterbilt 379, manufactured until 2007. Peterbilt 379 in turn replaced the iconic 359 in 1987. Peterbilt 359 one was first wide nosed big rig for Peterbilt, produced since 1967, and achieved extreme popularity. This tradition is still very much alive – while new trucks in the 3×9 line have introduced major technical improvements under the hood and greatly enhanced performance, truckers’ aesthetic preferences have not changed as much. It’s outward appearance is still mostly the same after almost five decades on the road! An interesting little fact about the new 389 is that it has the longest nose of all Peterbilt trucks ever. It is 131 inches (332,74 cm) long! One hell of a nose if you ask me! But surely an experienced truck driver will not have any problems maneuvering the vehicle through the challenges waiting for you in American Truck Simulator!