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Fractured Multiplayer & Hitting Launch Dates – Beyond the Gloves EP. 4

Presenting Beyond the Gloves Episode 4 – Fractured Multiplayer & Hitting Launch Dates. We get ourselves taken off of developer Christmas card lists this week as we talk about two interesting – and at times – problematic subjects.

First, Billy talks about the difficulty of having so many options today, not only between sims but between series in titles. The question becomes, when does more and more and more content become a bad thing?

Lastly, John brings up the subject of hitting launch dates and whether or not there is a right way to do it. With so many moving parts in software, is it even possible?  And if it isn’t, are there things that developers can do to hedge their bets?

The new Beyond the Gloves forum section is up and running – finally – so if you have comments on past shows or topic ideas for future ones, let us know there (or here).