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Formula RaceRoom X-17 Now Available

This week’s Sector3 Studios release is the Formula RaceRoom X-17. This is not a current F1 car, not an interpretation of a current F1 car, not a historic F1 car but Sector3 Studios’ idea of a high-end formula car! You can view its trailer above

What is the Formula RaceRoom X-17?

As mentioned, this car is fictional. Whilst the design may pose similarities to a certain major formula racing series, the X-17 sports a 3.0 litre V10-engine producing 950 BHP. Since the car only weighs 600 kg, these are some astronomical performance figures.

The X-17 also comes with 40 liveries, paying homage to current and past Formula 1 teams.


The X-17 is available now and will cost you 399 Virtual Racing Points. If you want all of the liveries, you will have to spend 779 VRP.

To celebrate the glorious V10-engine, Sector3 Studios has released a video, focusing only on the cars screaming engine. Check it out below!

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