Formula RaceRoom 2 Arriving for Christmas

RaceRoom’s first open wheel car, the psuedo GP2 Formula RaceRoom 2 (FR2), is coming this Christmas.  Or is it by Christmas?  Either way, the direct capture video that Sector3 Studios released says Christmas, so if the staff wants to be in the office on Christmas day, more power to them.  But a day or two before Christmas would be cool to. 😉

First time hearing about an open wheel car coming to RaceRoom?  Well it has been awhile since Sector3 has openly showed the car.   In fact, before this video, the only thing we had was two images released back in August.

But clearly the team’s been working on it between releasing Spa, Paul Ricard, Chang International, DTM 2015 and Audi TT Cup.  Wow, that’s a lot of content.

Back to the FR2.  It’s not easy to take much away from the video other then the car looks nice and sounds pretty good.  Due to the nature of the car it doesn’t sport the full meatiness sound that RaceRoom’s cars always fantastically relay, but again, it’s a high revving, stressed, open wheel engine.

Will be cool to get our hands on the FR2 and see what Sector3 can do with an open wheel car.