F1 2016 – Codemasters Release Final Patch 1.08

Yesterday, Codemasters member and Community Manager Jenny Annem posted a message on the official Codemasters forum page informing players of F1 2016 that the newly released patch, v1.08, will be the final patch for all platforms of the 2016 instalment.

The final patch is solely aimed at one particular issue which has plagued most every player of the game. The issue with tyre wear being incorrect following a pit stop was a major problem. After these issues, an initial beta release has now been rolled out to all platforms by Codemasters.

Codemasters showed great promise with the F1 2016 instalment of the franchise. New players of the game were suitably impressed with the experience and it was being touted as the studio’s best effort to date. Considering the news that this is to be the final patch for the game, with the studio having already moved on to the 2017 version, players will be left with an incomplete title due to the numerous bugs still affecting the F1 game.

With that said, some of the features and bug fixes that were eluded to by the studio, have not materialised. Unfortunately, in this case, Codemasters has partially under-delivered on their execution of this particular instalment. Hopefully, F1 2017 will include the missing planned features from the 2016 version. Here below is the complete changelog and the forum post as it appeared on the Codemasters website.

Codemasters F1 2016

F1 2016 Game v1.08 Changelog:

Fixed tyre wear being incorrect following a pit stop (that’s it folks)

Jenny Annem, Codemasters  Community Manager blog post:

Hi all, thanks for your patience with us whilst we looked into the issue with tyre wear being incorrect following a pit stop. We know that this has been affecting most, if not all of you, and especially multiplayer leagues so we’ve endeavoured to find a fix for it. The good news is that we’re confident that we have now identified the problem and fixed it. Our QA team have verified the fix, however, because it required a change to a core system used by many aspects of the game, we were looking for as many people as possible to download the beta patch on Steam to try it and feedback to us before we roll the official patch out on all platforms. Since the development team are now hard at work on the next game, this is the last patch which will be made available for F1 2016, and the patch is solely aimed at addressing this one issue.

We’re happy to report that after reviewing your feedback on the patch, it’s now going live on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) from 3pm GMT 31/01/2017.

If you have downloaded the beta patch, Steam will realise you’ve got the correct build, so there’s no need to do anything.

Finally, as we start to look forward to this year, thank you to all of you. Make sure you keep an eye out, as we’ll be giving you some more news very soon,