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F1 2018 – First Two Classic Cars Revealed

In a new trailer, Codemasters lifts the curtains of the first two classic F1 cars to be included with F1 2018 – one of which is a community favourite!

And They Are … ?

… the Brawn 2009 Brawn BGP-001 and the 2003 Williams FW25! The Brawn is especially exciting as in its first and only season, Jenson Button raced it to the F1 title and with the help of Rubens Barrichello even to the constructors title!

The williams is no less intersting though as it was also able to rack up four wins in the 2003 season with Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher, who was later replaced by Marc Gené due to a heavy acccident, as drivers.

Both cars will initially be a Healine Edition-exclusive with a DLC containing the two, or even more, cars dropping at a later date.

In Other News, the Halo …

… can actually be disabled! If you are not a fan of one of the most-discussed new features in F1, you can simply disable the centre pole obstructing your view.

Paul Jeal, Franchise Director

The inclusion of classic cars in last year’s game was a huge hit with our players and fans of the sport so we wanted to build on that with the inclusion of more classics in F1 2018.The Brawn is without doubt the most requested classic car by our passionate F1 community, so we are delighted to be bringing it to the game.

To win both the drivers’ and constructors’ World Championships in your only season is a phenomenal achievement and made the Brawn instantly iconic, and not only that but it looks gorgeous too. The 2003 Williams was also a fantastic car, which got better as the season went on. Juan Pablo Montoya went on to record 8 podiums in a row, so I’m sure players will relish the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this car too.

F1 2018 will release globally on all major platforms on August 24 and can now be pre-ordered.



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