F1 2017 – Multiplayer Patch Live + Beta Announcement for “The Next Project”

Publishers abandoning titles straight after launch? Not Codemasters! F1 2017 has received yet another patch, although “the next project” is not as far off as you may think.

What About the Patch then?

Don’t get too excited, as it is “only” a multiplayer patch. The changelog is rather short and reads as follows:

  • Fixed bug where the AI pits every lap after multiple weather transitions
  • Fixed bug where players will spawn on top of each other on the grid if posting the same time in an online qualifying session
  • Reduced chance of collision occurring when cars intersect due to network latency

Codemasters is still open to new bug discoveries, so if you have any, report them here.

And What’s With That “Next Project”?

As you can probably imagine, Codemasters is already busy building the so-called “next project”. Could it be F1 2018? Who knows. The official Codemasters Twitter account has also been very fond of TOCA Touring Cars lately …

Anyhow, the “next project” will again feature online and offline beta testing, as successfully implemented with previous titles. Sign-ups will open very soon and supposedly the beta launch is only a few weeks away.

Patch 1.13 for F1 2017 is scheduled for release today on all platforms. Should it not already be live, it can only be a matter of hours.

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