F1 2015 Updates and 2016 Foreshadowing


Codemasters took to the F1 2015 blog today to spill the beans on the next update to the title and hint at changes in store for the 2016 version of the official Formula 1 license.

While the blog revealed that most of the team has moved on to F1 2016, there are new updates in-store for 2015.  A new update should be out next week on the PC with a lot of updates to multiplayer, AI and eliminating annoying issues (like not being disqualified for only using one tire compound in a dry race).  Codemasters is also working on a seasonal update, which will bring the team’s car designs up to date (well, at least the teams that assist Codemasters in doing so).  Sounds like this update will be coming at a later time.

Speaking of the update, it will also be coming to the consoles, with one caveat.  The Xbox One doesn’t support some of the multiplayer updates, so Codemasters will have to come up with a work around.  Hopefully this issue doesn’t delay the rest of the updates for Xbox One owners.  Also, due to the console approval process, don’t expect to see the console update for a bit (hopefully by the end of the month if I had to guess).

Then there’s F1 2016.  Besides confirming that the team has primarily moved on to 2016 – so if one of your gripes with the title isn’t fixed in the release notes below, you may be out of luck – the blog didn’t say much about the 2016 edition.  Codemasters says that they want to get you the fans involved earlier in the process and that there may be opportunities for some of you to test with the team in early 2016.  They also state that they want to get fans to help shape future games of the franchise from the beginning of the design phase.

So Steam Early Access right?

In summation, F1 2015 has these updates below and updated cars (for the most part) coming.  After that…don’t expect much more for 2015.  And for the love of everything holy, we really hope that, “Getting fans involved early” means, “We’re going to Steam Early Access because it worked fantastically well for that other Codemasters title, DiRT Rally, and the two teams actually do speak to one another and compare notes.”

If that’s the case, then I’m excited for F1 2016.


  • Added a session list screen which is available via the Multiplayer menu. This screen will allow players to search for all public sessions and join the one they want to. Custom and Hopper sessions will be visible on this list.
  • Multiplayer fixes and improvements:
    • Added additional information to lobbies so players can see how much progress has been made in the current session.
    • Parc ferme rules are no longer incorrectly applied so players will not get their fuel locked to 100kg in qualifying or not be able to change their tyres at the start of a race if they qualified outside the top ten.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a players car to always be ghosted during timed qualifying sessions.
    • Fixed framerate and lag spikes causing incorrect collisions.
    • Fixed a bug that meant connections with limited upload bandwidth would appear laggy while on track and eventually disconnect.
    • Disallowing Brake Assist will no longer also block ABS.
    • Cars will no longer ghost when driving too slowly on track.
    • Fixed a bug which made the screen pulse black when spectating specific cars in specific circumstances.
    • Minor hopper improvements and changes
      • Removed the AI from all hoppers.
      • Removed the assist restrictions from the Hardcore hopper.
      • Made the countdown timer longer and prevented it from starting for a short time if there are not many players in the session to try to allow more people to join.
      • Changed the grid order to random from realistic. So now the players Mercedes cars will not always start on the front row.
      • Updated the Feature Race to Brazil.
    • Removed the incorrect second DRS detection zone from the Mexico mini map. This was not present in the actual track data.
    • Corrected the number of laps for the Mexican Grand Prix.
    • The player is now correctly disqualified for not using both compounds in a dry weather race.
    • Improvements to AI behaviour in Qualifying:
      • AI will no longer all leave the garage at the same time.
      • AI will no longer use Prime tyres in Q2.
      • AI will always do two runs in Short Qualifying and Q3.
    • Fixed the flashing rear tyre issue present on some PC setups.
    • Made the D-Pad menu more responsive to use.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause OSD messages to remain on screen or to never display. This was mostly reported online but can be seen offline too.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause new tyres to be too cold when they’re put on at a pit stop.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause unrealistic lap times in practice and qualifying.

Sports Updates – Part 1

  • Adjusted the relative performance of the teams and drivers based on the season’s results so far.
  • Updated the tyres for Russia to Super Soft and Soft.

High End PC Enhancements

  • New CPU-driven particle effects to improve visual quality on systems with high-end CPUs. Select “high” or “ultra” particle effects from the options menu.
  • Increased audio voice counts for systems with high-end CPUs. Select the “high” audio quality setting from the option menu.
  • Improved CPU performance for users with 6 and 8+ cores.
  • Improved CPU performance for Intel CPUs with Hyper-Threading Technology.
  • Optimized performance for Intel integrated graphics chips.