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Euro Truck Simulator 2 – New Scania S & R Series Trucks

The team at SCS Software, makers of the popular truck simulation games, American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator, recently paid a visit to Scania’s truck manufacturing plant in Södertälje, Sweden. During their visit, SCS set about checking out the next truck for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and did a spot of 3D scanning of the whole truck, not a small job when you look at the scale of such a vehicle!

The video posted by Scania Group documented SCS’s visit to their facilities, including an interview with Hynek, vehicle group leader at SCS Software, which was recorded earlier at Scania’s Demo Centre facility. In turn, SCS is planning to release their own video of the visit to the Swedish truck builder’s facilities. Release dates and such are not set in stone for this new Scania model, SCS also eludes to some 99% completed trucks for both titles, but warn that the approval process may take longer than anticipated.

The truck simulator has grown a rather large following and with the release of the Scania video, there has been a lot of interest in the possibility of new content for the titles. With that said, the team are hopeful to have new content around the summer of 2017 for people to sample on American and European roads!

Excerpt From SCS Software’s January 11th blog post:

The video is showing a mix of material from the 3D scanning work, combined with in-game footage from our older game Scania Truck Driving Simulator – the Game, in which the Demo Centre was a drivable area that the player could experience. (The Demo Centre map has later been exported from our game and imported into the well-known ProMods mod for ETS2, so many people may know the testing circuit only from there, or even consider it a creation of the ProMods guys.)

We are in the process of preparing a video report from the trip from our own perspective, but we felt that we should comment on the just-released video and Scania’s tweet.

We are working very hard to create the new models for Euro Truck Simulator 2, but our estimate is that it will take about 12 man-months of focused work to get there. The work can be to some extent split among multiple members of the team, but even taking this into account, we would not dare to guarantee that the trucks will make it into the game “before the summer” as the video and tweet above assure.

You know us already, we do not want to make promises and then disappoint you by not delivering on time, so we prefer to play it safe, and avoid committing to particular dates. You can trust us though that it’s a clear priority for our vehicle team to bring you the new Scania R and S series trucks as soon as possible.

We are going to use a new technique this time, it should bring us yet more precise results and hopefully even shorten the time needed for the raw model creation work as compared to any recently created truck models, so there is still hope. But then again, sometimes things get complicated. We are sitting on several 99%-complete vehicles for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, however the approval process may get quite complicated and protracted. Keep your fingers crossed!