DIY Thrustmaster TX and T300 RS Brake Pedal Mod for $10

Anyone that has purchased a T300 or TX racing wheel by Thrustmaster know that the pedals leave a lot to be desired. I’ve always said that if it had a progressive brake, they would make for a decent set of pedals. Sure they’re missing a clutch, but the other two pedals do a decent job for you. I have for you a DIY Thrustmaster TX and T300 RS Brake pedal mod for $10.

This is a quick, cheap and easy mod to your T300 or TX brake pedal to add some progression for to help you hit your marks more consistently under braking. Our forums are such a great place to find mods like this and and I’d like to thank ashasha for sharing this one with us.

First thing you need to do is source the parts. I have included links to Lowes Home Improvement and Amazon for the parts that you need below. I got the Waxman 4 pack felt pads (that are actually rubber) at Lowes Home Improvement and I got the small rubber feet from Ace hardware. I was hoping that I could find both at either place, but it wasn’t the case. I also needed some super glue and will tell you why in a bit.

So the Waxman felt pads were $5.40, the rubber feet were $2.60 and you can get some super glue for about $2.99 . The parts come to $8.00 and you may have some super glue already laying around your house. I have included the links to Lowes and Amazon below

Ashasha drew his inspiration from the conical brake mod on the Thrusmaster TP3A pedals and tried a few different options before coming up with this mod.

Quick disclaimer though before I go over his instructions. I reversed things to work for me, so watch the entire video above, or read everything below before you get to work on your pedals. His version could work for you, but I had an issue with it.

Here’s how you do it.. The tools you need are a pair of scissors and a needle nose pliers. I used a regular pair of scissors and they worked great.

Step #1, cut about 1/16″ inch on opposite sides and then another 1/2″ off one of the other sides so that it wasn’t sticking out. Or you can cut a 1/4″ inch from the top and bottom so it’s more squared which is what I did.  It should look square on the part that you can see and should be flush with the top of the base.  The goal is to have the little nubs be the center point for the rubber foot.

Step # 2 Use one of the rubber feet and stick that to the back of the pedal arm aligning it so that it meets the center of the furniture gripper.  He used a pair of needle nose pliers to hold it in position and then pressed the pedal down and to seat it.  Mash it a couple of times to make sure that the adhesive takes and you are done.

DIY Thrustmaster TX and T300 RS Brake Pedal Mod

Now, I tried it this way and the rubber foot started sliding up the pedal arm. Maybe Ashashas rubber foot had better adhesive or since I was driving the BMW Z4 GT3 car in iRacing with antilock brakes, I may have been mashing harder on the pedal. I decided to try something different by reversing things. I put the rubber foot on the base and the furniture gripper on the arm. That worked for a bit until the rubber portion of the furniture gripper started separating from the foam part that has the adhesive on it.

DIY Thrustmaster TX and T300 RS Brake Pedal Mod

So I separated the foam and luckily my wife had some super glue so I didn’t have to go back to the store. I decided to attach the rubber to the back of the pedal arm with it .. VOILA ! That was it.. Worked like a charm.. I have to say, it makes these pedals definitely worthy of some hardcore racing and makes you more consistant under braking. As I mentioned, I ran the BMW GT3 car and I was at Daytona to see if I could run similar lap times to what I ran during the 24 hours race I ran earlier this month and I was right on pace. I do like the T3PA conical brake mod better, but.. For about $10, this is a great alternative. You also get 1028 steps of resolution which is more than a G27 or Fanatec wheel with pedals attached..

Another great thing about this mod is that you have extra pieces in case they wear out, or have issues with the adhesive they come with. You can also split it up with a friend. Before you run out to your local hardware store, check that you have some super glue to make sure the furniture gripper stays put.

Thanks to Ashasha for sharing this idea with us in our forums. If you have any questions about it, ask in that thread or here in the comment section below and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

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