DiRT Rally V1.0 Out on Steam – Coming to Consoles April 5th

Wow.  We knew V1.o of DiRT Rally was arriving with the release of Winter Wonderland today but it’s the second half of the news that’s the real shocker.  Codemasters is giving us what we wanted – again – and is bringing DiRT Rally to the consoles.  The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and retail box PC version of the game will drop on April 5th.  That’s how you do it.

For those of you currently invested in DiRT Rally, today’s Winter Wonderland update brings a new snow covered Sweden stage and two new cars, the Hyundai Rally and – the new DiRT poster child – Volkswagon Polo Rally.

The V1.0 update also introduces the Steam Workshop, which allows players to share car setups and wheel settings.  Good idea.  The rest of the update is pretty mundane, mostly focusing on small improvements/bug fixes.  Check them out below.

  • The Group B RWD, Hillclimb and Kit Cars have been upgraded to v2 handling.
  • Now that all cars are up to v2 spec, the Self Aligning Torque has been re-balanced to support the new handling.
  • We found the spanners and wrenches that adjust the seats in all of your cars. Mind your head!
  • We also changed the mapping for Gears, Look Back, Clutch and Replay on the Logitech G29.
  •  The Logitech G920 is now fully supported.
  •  The Clutch, Look Up and Seat Adjustment keys have been remapped on QWERTY / AZERTY keyboards to save your fingers and thumbs.
  • The SimXperience AccuForce Pro Steering System is now fully supported.
  • You can now tune your immersion levels by customising your OSD options, choosing between On, Countdowns Only and Off.
  • The Logitech G29 wheel is now correctly listed in the controller preset menu.
  • Custom Championships now reward you with the correct number of credits.
  • There’s a new EULA to sign when you boot the game, which asks you to kindly behave yourself when you’re playing with others.
  • Your favourite pet mouse has learnt a new trick, and can now change the livery on your car.
  • If you own an Owner’s Club event, you will now correctly own the Owned achievement.
  • If you pledge a wedge to an online Wager Event and the event ends while you’re on stage, we’ll give you your CR back.
  • Your Oculus Rift can now be toggled to lock the horizontal orientation. Look for a flag in the hardware configuration file.
  • Sliders on the Advanced Racing Wheel Options screen now increment at the same rate as the Steering and Pedal calibration screen.
  • Your Service Crews are back from their training course and will now correctly setup your car for multi-location events.
  • Stopped one set of Rallycross results from appearing on a Rally leaderboard.
  • You no longer need to hold the headlight control to activate your lights. You can now just tap that.
  • Windows accounts with accented and non-latin characters will now correctly save game settings.
  • Fixed a weird bug where the camera would briefly flick back to the default position at the start of a stage after customising the seat position.
  • @Kick_Up will now politely and calmly inform you if your wheels fall off, and if you’re going the wrong way.

If you haven’t jumped on the DiRT bandwagon, you can now for 15% off on Steam until December 14th.