DiRT 4 – Version 1.06 Released on PC

Although F1 2017 is about to be released, Codemasters was able to spare some time for a new DiRT 4 PC patch with some important changes.

What’s changed?

Apart from the usual improvements of stability and bug fixes, which are by no means less important, new features have been added too.

The most important of them is the ability to configure unsupported devices. No more tinkering with game files for the owners of direct drive wheels or custom pedals, it seems.

Version 1.06 of DiRT 4 now also comes with full Japanese language support and an improved anti-cheat detection for the Joyride leaderboards.

Should you find a bug or something that is not quite right, you can report your issues to Codemasters on Steam right here.

Codemasters is also working on adding the promised Clubs to the game. Right now, there is no ETA available yet though.


Here is the full changelog for version 1.06 of DiRT 4 on PC.

Feature Improvements

– Added full Japanese language support, including: text, subtitles and audio.
– Bug fixes and refinements to improve the quality across all written languages.
– Improved anti-cheat detection for Joyride leaderboards.
– Fearless difficulty modified so it allows all types of manual gears.
– Improved system for storing and re-uploading Community Event times when RaceNet is unavailable.
– Staff contracts now reduce at their expected rate in Pro Tour and Jam Session.
– Pro Tour scoring is now more consistent.
– ‘Up and Up’ achievement will now unlock when you get promoted to any tier in Pro Tour.

Crash Fixes

– Improved stability across the game.

General Fixes

– Added the ability to configure unsupported devices. If you are already using an unsupported device, you will need to rebind any custom changes.
– Fixed car wheels and suspension popping in the Service Area.
– Fixed Mailbox specific issues.
– Fixed an issue that caused some Community Events results to become invalidated.
– Fixed an issue with Delta Daily results.

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