DiRT 4 – Version 1.04 Available

DiRT 4 has been available for the better part of two weeks now, which gave Codemasters some time to iron out some minor issues that may have made it into the final version of the game. As of today, the version 1.04 update is available on all platforms, including the Xbox One, which received the update a little later.

What’s new?

As this is more of a hotfix-patch, do not expect something mind-bending. Here is the changelog:

  • Rain effect on the car windscreen (which is observed using the head camera) will no longer stop functioning when proceeding into a heavy rain event after completing specific weather stages.
  • Grade E car parts should no longer cause a crash.
  • Fixes to Flavour of the Week Trophy/Achievement
  • Incorrect rep earned in multiplayer due to an issue with host migration is now addressed.
  • Leaderboard improvements when they are heavily populated or finding your own times.
  • Tuning differentials now functions correctly.
  • Corrected unlock conditions in the “What’s This” dialogues in Career.
  • PC Only – Terminally damaging your vehicle and then changing Windows focus should no longer hang.
  • PC Only – Fixed issues with resizing or de-focusing the game window.
  • PC Only – R9 graphics cards crash when competing in rainy conditions is now resolved.
  • PC Only – Switching from Ultra to High graphics mid-stage will no longer cause an issue with the stage shadowing.

“Bugs everywhere!”

However, if you were still able to find something that is not quite right and needs some attention, then you can report the issue in a dedicated thread in the Codemasters forums – right here!

If you want to know what Billy has to say about DiRT 4, then you can check out his first impressions here:

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