DiRT 4 Road Book – Landrush Explained

The DiRT Rally Road Book has received a sequel, the DiRT 4 Road Book. Its latest Chapter discusses the Dev Diary, which was already covered here, “Landrush” and some other bits and pieces.

DiRT 4 Landrush buggy front


Landrush, a game mode you may remember from DiRT 2 and 3, will make a reappearance in DiRT 4, but redesigned.

Three cars will be available in three different classes, ranging from quite fast to bonkers fast. There is the RWD rear-engined Larock 2XR Buggy, which is the slowest of the three. Then there is Jackson Pro-Truck 2, being the second slowest it is certainly no slouch. 700 thundering horsepower can be transferred to the rear wheels of the Stadium Truck. The fastest of the group is the Jackson Pro-Truck 4 with a massive 900hp and all-wheel drive.

As a bonus, the Speedcar Xtrem will not only be available in Rallycross, but also “Landrush”.


It is emphasised that “Landrush” is not as “arcadey” as it may seem. It has received the same treatment as the rest of the game and is “most authentic representation of short course racing” to ever be in a DiRT game.

Still, if immense simulation just is not your cup of tea, I highly doubt it, you can enable the “gamer handling” which will help you across the whole game.


Three tracks will be included, Baja, California and Nevada. And although being fictional, a lot of thought went into the creation of the three tracks.

To the team, it was important to implement as much characteristics of real short course racing tracks into the game as possible. These include “Berms, moguls, jumps, bigger jumps, step-ups and split routes”. Also, length and height of real jumps were part of research too.

Being fictional, scratch-built tracks, each track could be given a lot of personality and with different cars the tracks hold different challenges.

But do not expect only three plain tracks. Each track has different configurations, allowing for versatility in racing.


As in previous versions, each race will kick off with “the iconic 8-abreast Landrush start”, allowing for tense multiplayer action, amplified by the track conditions and the sheer amount of engine power.

If all of this did not convince you though, fear not, Landrush is “not a compulsory part of the career in DiRT 4”.

In short, we can expect quite a significant upgrade compared to the previous iterations Landrush.

DiRT Rally on Linux

Community requested Linux support has now arrived in DiRT Rally, which is surprising, but awesome to see, especially in the sim racing world.

PSVR launch in Asia

DiRT Rally only recently launched on PSVR, but not everywhere. That will be fixed now. On March 15 2017 Asian sim racers, will also be able to experience DiRT Rally in glorious PSVR. (PSVR Upgrade DLC required.)

DiRT 4 Landrush buggy out of control

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