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DiRT 4 PC Test Drive – We Race All 5 Rallycross Courses!

Presenting Test Drive of all five of the Rallycross courses in the upcoming DiRT 4. For this Test Drive we switch it up, going from rally to rallycross and from the PlayStation 4 to the PC to see Billy tear it up against the toughest AI in the game.

While old DiRT Rally friends like Lydden Hill, Holjes Sweden and Hell Norway return, we also get a chance to see the new additions, such as the really fun Loheac Bretagne and the challenging Montalegre.

What do you think of rallycross in DiRT 4 so far?  We’ll be sharing our opinions more later on in the week with our Review of DiRT 4 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

DiRT 4 Rallycross Focus RS