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DiRT 4 Hands-On Impressions – Beyond the Gloves EP. 8

Presenting Beyond the Gloves Episode 8. In this episode, we deep dive into John’s first impressions of DiRT 4, which he was able to drive at an event in San Francisco earlier in the week.

We’ve talked a lot about DiRT 4, between what we hope it is and what it will be thanks to Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman coming on the show.  But this was the first time we got to go hands-on with it to see if all those hopes and dreams will be coming to fruition.

We cover a lot of topics such as UI, vehicles, game modes, car and game options, driving physics, co-driver ability, Your Stage, weather / time of day, graphics, sounds, rallycross and Landrush, and give our overall takeaway from the event. That’s a lot of stuff!

DiRT 4 is out June 9th, and after our experience with it, we’re very much looking forward to that date.