Derek Speare Designs Showcases New Prototypes

A couple of days ago BSimRacing showcased some new product prototypes by Derek Speare Designs, amongst which are some very interesting concepts.

CSL panels

If your Fanatec CSL Elite wheel just could not satisfy you with its amount of mappable buttons, then something might be on the way for you. The CSL panels come in two parts and bolt onto holes near the centre of the wheelbase. The panels feature rotary knobs, lever switches and buttons and are basically identical to the CSW panels.

Formula Wheel System USB

Now, this one is especially interesting. A formula rim that can be directly attached to your trusty Logitech G27. “How is this so easy?” you may think. Derek Speare himself described the rim as a “button box”. So, you attach the rim, plug the rim’s USB cable into your computer and then you map the buttons. Voilà. Your computer will not notice a difference.

Vector Button Controller

Although the Vector Button Controller does not offer anything new compared to other Derek Speare Designs button boxes it will still make a nice addition to the DSD button box family with its 8 buttons, 7 lever switches, and 4 rotary knobs. It will only be produced in limited numbers and according to Derek Speare, there are “a few cool ideas for it to come as well”.

Derek Speare Designs vector button box prototype

DSD Type 4 Handbrake

Rally content seems to be everywhere in sim racing these days and to experience the full joy of offroad racing, a handbrake is definitely recommended. However, the selection of entry-level handbrakes is rather small and therefore Derek Speare Designs came up with the Type 4 handbrake. Main selling points are its form-factor and its price.

Load cell kit for the Logitech G25 and G27 pedals

The new load cell kit for the Logitech G25 and G27 pedals will add a 200kg load cell to the brake pedal of the Logitech pedals without needing any modifications. Installation is as easy as it could be, since the device only needs to be “dropped in”.

Both the handbrake and the brake mod use load cells. If you are not familiar with load cells, they translate pressure into computer language. That means the harder you step onto, for example, the brake pedal the harder the in-game brakes will be applied, just like in a real car.

The load cells require a load cell amp which will be available through DSD soon as well. Once that is released more info on availability of handbrake and brake mod will be released too.

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