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Dakar 18 – A Gameplay Trailer Has Landed

Dakar 18 is right on track for its September 25 release! Yes, the date was pushed back a little due to some countries not being able to handle the logistics in time and therefore preventing a simultaneous global release from happening, as it was stated on Twitter. Now, a gameplay trailer has made its way onto YouTube, giving a quick rundown of what Bigmoon Entertainment’s desert racing sim will have to offer. Check it out above!

What Does it Have to Offer?

Weather, day/ night, a vast and open world, all present in Dakar 18, are only the bare minimum of what is needed to represent one of the most dangerous, intense and hardest rallies in the world.

The list continues with a diverse selection of different vehicles for you to tackle the sands in, ranging from trucks to motorcycles.

Yes, content can be enjoyed in offline and online action, and of course you are not going anywhere without your roadbook at hand.

There is More to Come

In case you were not aware yet, Bigmoon Entertainment was actually able to strike a 3-year licensing contract, meaning that over the coming years the Dakar series is really set for expansion. This is especially relevant if the current offering does not really appear to you.

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