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Automobilista – Brit Pack DLC & 1.1 Update Now Available

Automobilista makers, Reiza Studios, have announced their Brit Pack DLC & 1.1 update are now available for download on Steam. This is the first paid DLC pack for their PC sim racing title. The Brit Pack DLC brings with it three very well known British racing circuits, as well as four differing types of road-going, track-day and racing cars.

Additionally, a new update version 1.1 for the game has been released with a number of  improvements, features and fixes. Notably, the introduction of a radio spotter and a new batch of community drivers. To mark the occasion of the Brit Pack’s debut, the pack will be offered at a reduced price of €17,99! The offer is available until the 28th of October, after which it will revert to the normal retail price of €19,99. Players in possession of an Automobilista season pass will be able to download the new DLC pack free of charge.

Enjoy the introductory trailer and do please scroll down for all the relevant details surrounding the Brit Pack and the complete changelog for the 1.1. update.

Brit Pack Content Includes The Following:


  • Brands Hatch
  • Cadwell Park
  • Oulton Park


  • MCR Sports 2000
  • Ultima GTR (road and race versions)
  • Formula Trainer (2 versions)
  • Catherham (3 versions)

Alongside the DLC pack, a new version of Automobilista has been released as well, bringing the following changes:

List Of Changes And Improvements In The 1.1 Update: 

  • Added Radio Spotter feature
  • Improved vehicle shaders & applied to all older cars along with skin adjustments
  • Adjusted rear wing efficiency on Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Superkart, Ultima GTR
  • Adjusted tires on F-V12, Montana, StockV8, Boxer Cup, Ultima GTR
  • Adjusted AI Torque Stab in all cars to reduce their excessive stability when in contact with player car
  • Added Vehicle Configuration menu to Vehicle Showroom
  • DynHUD: Improved Delta widget functionality in Time Trial mode
  • Updated vehicle shaders
  • Added new batch of community drivers
  • F-Vee: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Metalmoro: Main LOD optimization for better performance / lower memory load
  • Boxer Cup: Adjusted mirror position
  • SuperV8: Added configuration option for cockpit type