Brake Performance Kit for Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 Out Now

Finally.  11 months ago we reviewed the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3, and while the base pedals are good, what really put them over the top for us was the forthcoming Brake Performance Kit that we got to sample.

Little did we know that “forthcoming” would turn into 11 months…

But finally, after a lot of inquiring from you guys – even as recently as this past Wednesday’s This Week Inside Sim Racing live show – the Fanatec Brake Performance Kit is available for purchase.


The Brake Performance Kit is simple on paper, featuring 7 “springs” with one being made out of the current spring’s material, polyurethane, and six made out of an elastomer material called Eladur.  There are two different types of elastomers, green and red, with green being the stiffer of the two.

Stiffer being a relative term.  Elastomers are a viscoelastic material, which means they are part soft (viscous) and part hard (elastic).  The green and red Eladur springs are certainly more the latter.

The Eladur springs come in two different diameters, with two 13mm diameter and one 12mm diameter green springs and two 13 diameter and one 12mm diameter red springs.  All six Eladur springs are 20 mm in length and can be mixed and matched, and even shorten, to give you the brake feel you are looking for.


The Fanatec Brake  Performance Kit for the ClubSport Pedals V3 are available now for $29.95 (29.95€).

We are receiving a kit to review, but if they haven’t changed from the development kit we reviewed 11 months ago, then we’ll probably be enthusiastically recommending it again.


  • Can be used on the brake pedal of the ClubSport Pedals V3
  • Provides a realistic brake point pressure feeling like in a real race car
  • Adjustable in pedal travel and resistance by mixing and matching the various hardness and diameter of the Elastomer springs together with the PU foam
  • Easy to lubricate and super durable with well over 1 Million cycles
  • Elastomer springs manufactured from the high-end material Eladur, “made in Germany”
  • There are many possible combinations of Elastomer springs. This comparison table may give you an idea of the effects when combining the different Elastomer springs: