Sector 3 – RaceRoom – BMW M6 GT3 Preview Images

Sector 3 Studios, makers of the PC sim racing title RaceRoom Racing Experience, have released several new images of their newest car content, the BMW M6 GT3! The screenshots are in-game captures of the car being put through its paces at the Nordschleife in Germany. The livery depicted is from the German racing team, Schubert Motorsport, as is the extra information on the real world car here below.

Presently, there is no indication as to when we may expect to see the BMW M6 GT3 in RaceRoom. Judging by these screenshots and the fact they are in-game captures, it would be fair to assume that the car will most likely appear in the first quarter of 2017.

Sector 3 have built quite the GT3 garage, padding it out with the most up to date GT cars, the grids for online races will almost mirror the real thing! Players of the RaceRoom title will be spoilt for choice when making the tough decision of just which of the GT3 models they prefer to go racing in. Once a concrete release date has been announced, we will definitely keep you all posted.

Further Information on the BMW M6 GT3:


  • Racing chassis with welded in safety cage; FT3 safety tank with fast refuelling; pneumatic pumping system, carbon roof, doors and hatches; Makrolon heated windshield, Makrolon side rear windows; RECARO racing seat with HANS system; side impact protection


  • V8 engine with dry sump lubrication; 3-disc sintered clutch; 6-speed gearbox, sequential with paddle shift and oil cooling; rear-axle transmission with multi-plate limited-slip differential and oil cooling


  • Racing chassis with configurable shocks and stabilisers; BBS rims – front axle 12×18“, rear axle 13×18“ with central locking; racing brake system – front axle 6-piston 378 mm, rear axle 4-piston 355 mm


  • BMW Motorsport ECU 408 engine control unit, traction control and pit lane speed limiter; BMW Motorsports Power 400 vehicle steering with multi-functional steering wheel, racing ABS; multi-functional display with integrated shift lights.

Optional equipment

  • Endurance package (fuelling, transmission ratio, brakes, undercarriage); measurement system; night light.