Blowback On Free Content Porsche DLC Packs – Marco Massarutto Reacts

Marco Massarutto, from Kunos Simulazioni posted a statement on FaceBook this morning addressing some of the blowback from sim racers not being satisfied with the free content (2016 Panamera, Cayenne and Macan) that will be offered from the Porsche DLC packs. It really is a case of you can’t please everyone! Assetto Corsa is a favourite title for many sim racers, and with the recent release of the console versions, console players as well.

There are always going to be aspects of any given title that players will be less than happy with. The reasons may be varied, people paying for a title may feel entitled to voice their opinions when something does not sit right with them. On the other hand, the Studio will defend their decisions to release certain content as they see fit, the motivation being to hopefully please as many of their customer base as possible. In practice, it is, of course, a balancing act. There is a fine line between customer satisfaction and dis-satisfaction. There is no winning side to the argument, only differing opinions on what is perceived to be good.

New image of one of the Porsches, coming to the three DLC packs Assetto Corsa Porsche DLC

Marco has put forward an analogy that sums up the blowback AC has received regarding their planned free Porsche content. I read this analogy and thought to share it with you all here. Below is Marco’s complete statement, as it appeared on FaceBook this morning:

Imagine you get into a mall to buy a pair of Lee jeans, and when you go for the check out, the guy at desk tells you “I’m glad to tell you that, since you have purchased this product, you will get this t-shirt for free, offered by Lee”.

What do you will answer? Some options:

– I didn’t ask for it, just give me my jeans
– I don’t like this t-shirt, I’m not going to wear it
– What are you trying to do? To fill my closet with useless stuff?!
– I’ve a t-shirt already, I don’t need this so-called gift
– Let’s do this: give me the jeans for free and keep the t-shirt for you
– If I was interested to a t-shirt, I would have purchased it
– What a waste of time and money, tell Lee to give me a 100$ jacket for free instead
– I’m here for the jeans and you give me a free t-shirt? Shame on you
– So, now Lee gives stuff for free to let me have a taste of it? Shame on them

Sounds weird? Not to some simracers. Sad, but true.

So, about Porsche: few people complain because Assetto Corsa will release – for free, and even if you just own the game but you don’t purchase any Porsche DLC – the new Panamera, Cayenne and Macan. Saying the things you can read above. As part of our agreement with Porsche, the Brand asked us to reproduce, for THEIR simulators, ALSO the models included in their current production. For THEIR purposes. Once we worked for months to reproduce those models with the maximum accuracy for Porsche simulators, we believed it would have been a shame do not allow the AC community to enjoy those cars as well. Without charging them. And that’s it. Also because we take in consideration that the AC community is so wide today that different people like different cars, something that some blind gamers still don’t understand, or accept. On the other side, this kind of agreement allows us to reproduce and make available for Assetto Corsa cars like the one you see in the picture.

So, today lot of people tell me that they want so badly in Assetto Corsa the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde . If to get it in the game we would be asked to include also the next Stelvio SUV as free bonus content, would you complain for it? If yes, probably you would need to turn off your PC or console, open the door, leave the house, close your eyes and take a breath; and relax. Because it looks to me that you are not able anymore to enjoy what is supposed to be your passion. BTW, driving the new PanameraTurbo at the Nordschleife in 7′.39″ is a blast, and it is not for everyone. Stay tuned. And take it easy, enjoy your life, you live once. 😉