Automobilista – v1.5.13 Adds Goiania External Ring With Puma Automóveis Content Ready for Christmas

Thought Automobilista development had ended? Well, it sort of has, but also has not – more here. Confused by some kind of Pumas coming to Automobilista? The latest patch for Reiza Studios’ Automobilista adds updates and even a new layout to existing tracks, and the upcoming Puma cars – ready in time for Christmas – should be the answer to the second question.

Here’s What’s New

The main additions in the latest version of AMS are updates to the DLC track Imola and the a new layout, namely “External Ring”, added to the Goiania track.

On top, there is the usual ironing out of bugs and issues that have arisen since the latest patch.

The Puma Pack

There is more to come though, as Reiza Studios recently announced a partnership with Puma Automóveis, adding classic and current models from the Brazilian car manufacturer’s line-up. These additions will come in two forms:

  1. Modern examples, including the Puma Luminari and P052, will be added as free content for all Automobilista users
  2. Some of Puma’s classics from the 1970’s, including the GTB and GTE models, will come as part of the upcoming Brazilian Touring Car Classics DLC, the last one for Automobilista.
Automobilista Puma Pack 2

The Puma GTB (left) and the Puma P052

Automobilista version 1.5.13 is now available via Steam.


  • Fixed UI bug that could allow reset tire sets / track progression / tire wear / fuel wear mid session
  • Fixed AI not going out of garage when tire sets UI option is set to “Default”
  • Corrected conflicting IDs in Drift tracks
  • Made windowed mode default to borderless
  • Added various fixes to drift score calculation
  • Added multiple race setting to Dedi Toll
  • “Look for XInput devices” is now defaulted to off to avoid long loading times (will reset for all users to default)
  • Fixed bug where running multiplayer in spectator mode would cause single player to default to TV trackside camera
  • Further tweaks to default settings in dedicated server (Max Data Client minimum 128 kbps)
  • Added new Extreme SimRacing branding to tracks and various car skins
  • Goiania: Added external ring layout
  • Imola: Updated to 2018 modifications & added night time lighting
  • MCR: Added headlights and brakelights for night time racing


Logitech G29 / G920 users: Support for auto rotation is on a dedicated Beta Branch labeled LogitechG29. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.

If you have any issues following this update or for whatever reason wish to revert to the previous v1.5.01, you may do so by selecting that branch from the Steam Beta tab. Further instructions as to how to do that here.

Automobilista v1.5.13 1

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