Automobilista October Development Update – Version 1.4.9 Incoming

Reiza Studios is adding the finishing touches to Automobilista before wrapping up development supposedly at some point in the coming months. Although the end is near, final changes are in no way any less significant.

An old HUD with a new look

Automobilista’s native HUD has received a complete overhaul and now presents itself in a very clean, polished and sleek manner. Reiza hopes to reduce the needs for DynHUD and other alternatives. Yet, other HUDs will still remain functional of course.

A track map is the only feature that will not be included with the new old HUD in version 1.4.9 – it is set to follow in version 1.5.


The long-awaited turbo physics model is now finally ready in time for version 1.4.9 of Automobilista. All in-game cars with turbos will be able to take advantage of Reiza’s latest progressions in turbo physics.

One of its developers – Niels Heusinkveld – actually recorded himself demonstrating two cars with the new turbo physics and providing some insightful information whilst doing so.

A version for beta testers will be landing during the next week.

Tyre set limitations

Another new feature – and this one is rather unexpected – which is currently under development is the addition of optional limitations for tyre-sets. Essentially, for single- and multiplayer races, it is now possible to restrict the number and kinds of tyre sets available. As a result, drivers will be forced to reuse their previously used tyre sets at some stage through the race weekend.

Time delays for repairs of cars are also on their way. Depending on the damage, repair times will vary and therefore force racers to be more careful with their cars, since damage can have a greater effect on race results.

Both features – and possibly more – are part of an effort by Reiza to add an “extra dimension of realism” to the sim.

Said features might be ready in time for the next version, but Reiza does not want to promise anything.

Spielberg 2017

In the last development update, Reiza revealed that a re-worked Spielberg was coming and as promised, a re-work of the Austrian track is now here!

You can view some previews below. Changes include graphical updates, new surrounding buildings and curb/ run-off modifications.

A new car!

The Metalmoro AJR is ready to be released with the next update, free of charge, for every Automobilista user! The Brazilian protoype marks the start of a whole new vehicle class in Automobilista.

Version 1.5?

As a matter of fact, although version 1.4.9 is not even released yet, version 1.5 is already in sight. Reiza Studios hopes to release it during December! More news soon.


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