Automobilista – Details on Future Plans and the Upcoming DLC 

Reiza Studios has put together a new development update, shedding light onto the brand-new upcoming Automobilista DLC and what else is in the pipeline.

A new DLC?

For season pass owners it will come at no extra cost, regular Auotmobilista owners will have to pay a little premium. The theme? Brazilian Touring Car Classics!

Four cars, which will be part of four different series, will be included:


  • Fusca
  • Passat
  • Gol
  • Uno


  • Copa Classic: All cars featured
  • Copa Fusca: A modern series featuring only Fuscas (Beetles)
  • Copa Uno: Based on the Brazilian Formula Uno series from the 90’s with the Uno car “stripped down to the basics”
  • Hot Cars: Fusca, Passat and Go – tuned up!

Although “only” four cars are included, these come in various different configurations.

The next update

After only recently introducing orce feedback support for controllers with version 1.4.76, Reiza is already in the process of completing the next update – version 1.4.8. It will add some new blue flag logic for the AI. Notice, how the AI moves out of the way in the video below:

With the next update, Reiza also hopes to solve the DynHUD issues which still persist with some Windows 10 users.

Beyond 1.4.8

The follow-up version to Automobilista 1.4.8 will either be 1.4.9 or 1.5, Reiza is still undecided. However, what will be released with the next updates is already certain.

Metalmoro AJR

As annouced a while back, Reiza is still working on the Metalmoro AJR. More here.

Automobilista Metalmoro AJR WIP

A new turbo model

A new physics model for ALL turbo cars in-game is also on its way and should be ready in time for version 1.5.

Spielberg 2017

Several visual improvements and additions, e.g. run-off and curb changes, a new grand-stand, for Automobilista’s Spielberg are in the works too, bringing up the AMS model of the track to 2017 standards. (See screenshot above)

Automobilista Spielberg 2017 dev update preview

And there is supposed to be even more to come, which we do not know of just yet.

Here are some real-world impressions from Brazil’s classic touring cars:

Brazilian Touring Cars impressions 4

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