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Sector3 Studios – RaceRoom – Audi TT RS VLN Car Now Available

The Swedish based Sector3 Studios have released their previously announced Audi TT RS VLN car for the PC sim racing title, RaceRoom Racing Experience. The new Audi TT RS VLN car has some family resemblances to the Audi TT Cup car, which has its own one make expansion within the title. For those of you who are not familiar with the German VLN endurance series in general, the cars are purpose-built for the series and compete solely on the famous Nurburgring / Nordschleife endurance layout.

Audi and Quattro GmbH have gone to great lengths to coax nearly 400 bhp from the 2.5 liter five cylinder transversely mounted engine. The aero on the TT RS has been thoroughly tweaked for the front wheel driven car to provide a forgiving handling characteristic for novice drivers, while rewarding drivers with maximum car speed when it is kept on the racing line.

If you are inspired to take the Audi TT RS VLN car out onto the Norschleife, you can pick up the Audi TT RS VLN for 349vRP in the RaceRoom store right now! For 9999vRp, a RRE Premium Pack is available, this pack includes all current content for the title allowing players to gain access to in excess of 100 vehicles and more than 25 circuits.

Audi TT RS VLN car

Sector3 Studio’s Description Of The Audi TT RS VLN Racing Car:

Born and bred on the Nürburgring, the Audi TT RS was dreamed up by Audi for one single purpose. To be the best front wheel drive racing machine ever to hit the Nordschleife.

The 5 cylinders put out nearly 400 horsepower and the aero package is almost a work of art., This gives you a very balanced ride that is quite forgiving for beginners, but super fast if kept on a perfect line.

Because of the aero characteristics of the car, you won’t find corner speed by the trailbraking technique usually associated with front wheel drive racers, instead the key is to maintain rollspeed.