Assetto Corsa – Images of Upcoming Free Audi S1 Group B Car

Assetto Corsa looks set to gain a fire-spitting iconic 80s rally car. Yesterday, Marco Massarutto, Kunos Simulazioni’s Licensing Project Manager posted a somewhat cynically apologetic message and preview images of their upcoming free to download Audi S1 Group B Car to FaceBook. His message read as follows:

Let me apologize in advance if this time, the next free bonus content for Assetto Corsa that we are going to release will not be a SUV.. #February2017

The post featured three screenshots of the new car which is definitely not an SUV.  For anyone that remembers, this car harks back to an era when rally cars were visceral and raw in the way they put their power to the ground. Crowds used to line the rally stages of Europe and step back out of the way at the last possible second to let the fire spewing Audi Quattro by. The inclusion of this car in Assetto Corsa’s line up will certainly be a very welcome addition and compliment their already formidable choice of vehicles.

Fantasy Layout:

Clearly on display in these three screenshots are glimpses of the upcoming Scottish fantasy circuit Kunos is putting the finishing touches on. We can see variations in terrain from urban inner city environments, as well as country sections to blast through. Hopefully there will be some point to point or hill climbing event sections with this pack for the Audi to tackle.

Marco ended his post with #Feruary2017; this should be a sufficient enough hint as to when we can expect the Audi to be released. What is less clear is when the fantasy layout will be available. We could make an educated guess that the layout  may coincide with the Audi’s release. We will keep you posted on that one.

Let us know in the comment section of this post what your thoughts are on the Audi and where you would most like to drive it.

A little background info on the Group B rally car era:

*Group B was a set of regulations introduced in 1982 for competition vehicles in sports car racing and rallying regulated by the FIA. The Group B regulations fostered some of the fastest, most powerful, and most sophisticated rally cars ever built and is commonly referred to as the golden era of rallying. However, a series of major accidents, some of them fatal, were blamed on their outright speed and lack of crowd control. After the death of Henri Toivonen and his co-driver Sergio Cresto in the 1986 Tour de Corse, the FIA disestablished the class, dropped its previous plans to replace it by Group S, and instead replaced it as the top-line formula by Group A. The short-lived Group B era has acquired legendary status among rally fans.

Audi S1 Group B