Assetto Corsa Updating Older Tracks for Build 1.5

As lessons are learned and technologies advance, it’s impossible to look back on past work without a long sigh at what it could be if done today.  That’s the position that Kunos Simulazioni is with Assetto Corsa.  A position they don’t like.  A position they plan on fixing very soon.

Kunos has released new images showing off improvements it’s making to some of its older tracks in the soon-to-be-released build 1.5.  Thanks to better – wider – laser scanning technology, Kunos is now able to more accurately recreate the environment alongside the track.  On top of that, they have better modeling and texture techniques for said objects these days, which will also be applied to older tracks.

While you may think this update only applies to the oldest of tracks, such as Mugello, Magione and Imola, it’s actually being applied to all tracks, including the not-that-old Nordschleife.  Cool.

Seeing the comparison photos, it’s hard not to think back to our first test drive of iRacing’s version of the Nordschleife.  During the Test Drive, we noted how it felt different, but the same to Assetto Corsa’s version.  Well now we know why…shrubbery (which we kind of figured anyway).

Good to see Kunos correcting this.