Assetto Corsa – New Scottish Fantasy Layout Images

It is no big secret that Marco Massarutto from Kunos Simulazioni is a prolific poster on FaceBook. To that end, he likes to give his followers something new to look at most everyday. Yesterday Marco released three new Scottish fantasy layout images, which will be coming soon to Assetto Corsa.

Kunos Simulazioni made reference to the new layout in their end of year community blog, which we reported here back on December 31st. The new layout is a collaboration between Sparco of Italy, Nvidia and Kunos. When it is released, the fantasy layout will consist of four differing configurations, these configurations will no doubt cater to varying classes of cars, including the upcoming Audi S1 Group B car. Perhaps the best thing of all, the layout will be offered as free content to all players of Assetto Corsa. Although, it is not clear if PC players will receive the layout ahead of their console-playing counterparts.

As of today, the new layout has not been given a name or title, nor a concrete release date. Conventional wisdom would point to a possible release in the next two months. That’s all the information we have for you right now, should more light be shed on the new content, we will be sure to update you all as it happens.

Newest images of the Scottish fantasy layout:

Previously released Scottish fantasy layout images: