Assetto Corsa Previews 2016

Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Kunos Simulazioni, Marco Massarutto, has released a blog post titled, “2015 and Beyond,” looking back at Assetto Corsa’s accomplishments this year and forward to what’s to come in 2016.

Before we look at the good stuff, 2016, lets highlight a few interesting figures from this year.

  • 4 tracks released
  • 32 cars released
  • About 30 people involved in making the title these days, up from 6 in 2011

Now on to things to come in the new year.

  • The new consumer Oculus Rift with standardized SDK will be supported
  • Approaching final phase of development for the console versions
  • Build 1.5 will include single player pit stops
  • Laser-scanned Red Bull Ring is coming
  • Historic Silverstone
  • Update to Monza, allowing you to run the combined oval-road circuit and Junior course
  • Earlier tracks will be updated to today’s standard
  • Other new tracks may come
  • Maserati coming, from Juan Manuel Fangio’s car to the present day
  • At least 42 new cars next year
  • Including the Audi R8 Ultra 2016, R18 E-Tron, TT VLN 2014, TT CUP 2015, A1 S1, Sport quattro S1 E2 and TT 2015
  • Toyota Celica, Supra, AE86 and TS040 Hybrid, as well as the Nissan GT-R 34 Skyline and 350Z Nismo 2015 coming
  • More Alfa Romeo and Ferrari’s
  • McLaren 570LS and P1 GTR™
  • Praga R1R
  • Corvette C7 Stingray 2015 and Ford Mustang 2015 as first free bonus content of 2016

Well…that’s quit a bit to process, but let’s see what we can do.

First, good to hear that Kunos has grown.  Growing teams mean stable companies – usually – and 30 is a pretty strong number for a sim racing developer.

Second, 32 cars were released this year?  That’s a lot of cars!  And 42 are coming next year?  Holy lineup Batman!

All I can say is that I hope this is good news.  There are certainly a lot of desirable cars coming, the LMP1’s, TT Cup and P1 GTR to name a few, but when I hear that many cars, I can’t help but pause and wonder if each car is receiving the attention it deserves.

Not sure how workdays differ between here in the US and Italy, but we had 251 workdays this year.  Divide that by 42 cars and that leaves about 6 days of development for each car.  Now of course, multiple people a working on a car at any given time, but still, it’s WAY faster than other sims like iRacing and rFactor 2, and I’m sure those teams aren’t lollygagging around.

But for now, I’ll give the Kunos team the benefit of the doubt and wish them good luck…and lots of caffeine.


Red Bull Ring?  Awesome.  Historic Silverstone and Monza?  Cool.  More than that?  I hope so.

Clearly track development takes longer than cars but we’ve been saying for awhile that Assetto Corsa needs more tracks – not necessarily cars – and 2.5 new tracks in a year isn’t quit catching up.  Hopefully the, “other new tracks may come,” becomes a reality.

Speaking of tracks, can’t help but ponder the location of the Corvette and Mustang in the screenshot.  Another point-to-point stage?  That would be nice.

Marco’s comments on production cars below is interesting.

The good reputation of Assetto Corsa is mainly thanks to the driving experience and natural feeling that it provides with cars that are usually included in so-called arcade – or sim-cade – games.

While the comment is directed at people thinking that Kunos is going to dumb down the title for consoles – they’re not – it does kind of supports a pattern that we’ve seen in 2015, and appears to carry-on into 2016.

A bunch of production cars.

There’s at least ten listed here, which begs the question, is Assetto Corsa going directly at Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport?  Is that what people want?  Is there concern that if it’s only race cars, fans of the two series aren’t going to want to make the switch?  Is it better to compete heads up against them or differentiate yourself and be the alternative?  Do you need to have 100+ cars in your title to compete on the console?

All pertinent questions for not only Kunos – will work on getting Marco as a guest on a This Week Inside Sim Racing for an interview – but also for the consumers.

And one more thing…yay pit stops!

And one, one more thing…I’ve never heard of the Praga, but it gives me a funny feeling in my trousers and I need to drive it.