Assetto Corsa End of Year Blog – Moving Forward in 2018

If you have been following Assetto Corsa for a couple of years now, then you know that no year is complete without Marco Massarutto’s – Brand & Product Manager at Kunos Simulazioni – end of year blogs! And this year marks no exception. Head over here for the full piece, otherwise, just continue reading on!

A look back

This year, Massarutto takes the opportunity to have a look at what has been achieved so far, and it is quite remarkable. A list of the Assetto Corsa milestones:

To put all of this into numbers, when Assetto Corsa was launched, it featured 20 cars, five tracks and a couple of basic features. Today, the sim is equipped with 177 cars, 19 tracks in 35 configurations, various single player modes, a multiplayer and a dedicated community providing, for example, extensive modding support with even more tracks and cars.

Becoming a part of Digital Bros greatly increased Kunos SImulazioni’s capabilities and therefore allowed the Italian studio to expand by hiring four new programmers, specialised in graphics, UI and animations, mechanics and physics and online racing environments and ranking.

Concluding 2017

Massarutto finishes off by saying that after seven years of continuous development, finally a “basis has been defined” on which Kunos can build in the future. However, with the growing expectations of the community and of course the team itself, Assetto Corsa’s technologies are reaching their limits and therefore, Massarutto says, the time has come to “move forward” in 2018.

And as far as I am concerned, this can only mean that a successor to Assetto Corsa is in the works!

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