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Assetto Corsa – A Basic Guide to Going Faster, by a Developer  

Driving a car is one thing. You can appreciate the sound, admire your surroundings and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of precision-engineering that went into creating whatever four-wheeled speed machine you are driving. Going fast however is a whole different story. There is a lot to look out for and not all is obvious.

Aristotelis Vasilakos, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer and User Interface Designer at Kunos Simulazioni, creators of Assetto Corsa, lives up to his historic name by publishing a very detailed guide on the basic techniques for going fast in Assetto Corsa. You can check out the video above.

The video

As its title suggests, the tutorial focuses on the basics. These being racing lines, braking points, tyre temperatures, tyre pressures and the ability of being able to analyse yourself.

At the beginning, Aristotelis makes it clear that this video is not aimed at the more advanced or even alien drivers. Still, there is nothing wrong with refreshing the basics, even if you consider yourself advanced. So, if you have the time, we strongly suggest to check out the video in its entirety.

If you enjoyed the tutorial you are in luck, apparently, there are “more videos to come”.

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