SimXperience Sim Commander 4 Released

SimXperience Sim Commander 4

SimXperience has released Sim Commander 4 to all motion simulator and SimVibe owners. This latest update to the software is currently in a beta, and will bring enhanced support for all SimXperience products, as well as enhancing your sim racing experience.


Sim Commander 4 software now features support for a wide variety of older titles (check out the list HERE), including the entire backlog of SimBin titles. The software will also allow for you to create a custom Heads Up Display to be superimposed onto racing titles.  It can also translate race data into telemetry, to be analyzed to improve your driving. A track map can also be generated with data from your driving, similar to a MoTeC or AiM system.

One of the features that is forefront in Sim Commander 4 is the ability to cater your settings to fit your driving styles. The software will enable the ability to tweak your motion cockpit, SimVibe, and eventually AccuForce settings on a per-car basis. The new in-game interface will also allow you to modify your settings without exiting the sim.

If you own a SimXperience product, you can now download the Sim Commander 4 beta software via the Owner’s Club, and check out the new features for yourself! Have you tested out the Sim Commander 4 software? What are your thoughts?

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