RevHeadz: Now Available for iOS

Love the sound of a great engine? Then RevHeadz is the app for you! RevHeadz, now available for iOS (Android release coming soon), gives you control of a wide variety of engines, ranging from 2-stroke dirt bike engines all the way up to screaming Formula 1 engines from the V10 era.

While not a racing title, you could still say this is a simulation, giving you realistic sounds that any car enthusiast is bound to enjoy. You can control the starter, throttle, gearing, and brakes, and let the engine sing its song! The app incorporates sonic models of real engine sounds, which also feature mechanical aspects such as engine load, backfires, and gear lashing. To get the most out of RevHeadz, plug your device into your car or home audio system and take control of some of the greatest engines of all time.

RevHeadz is available on iTunes for free, and comes with 3 engines. 8 additional engine packs are available for 99 cents each.

Engine List

Free Pack Includes:
– American Muscle V8
– V4 Sports Bike
– European V12

Historic GP Pack Includes:
– Flat 12 Grand Prix
– V8 Grand Prix
– V6 Gran Prix Turbo

Race Car Pack Includes:
– American Stock Car V8
– V6 LMP1 Diesel
– European Flat 6

Super Car Pack Includes:
– European V10
– European V8
– Japanese V6

Street Tuner Pack Includes:
– Japanese V6
– Japanese Inline 4
– Japanese Triple Rotary

Street Bike Pack Includes:
– American V-Twin Chopper
– European V-Twin Sports
– British Triple Sports

Off Road Pack Includes:
– Rally Car Flat 4
– ATV Quad Bike 4 Stroke
– Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

V8 Thunder Pack Includes:
– American Racing V8
– Australian Racing V8
– Monster Truck V8

Modern Grand Prix Pack Includes:
– V8 2.4Lt Grand Prix (In-Car)
– V10 3.0Lt Grand Prix (In-Car)
– V8 2.4Lt Grand Prix (Exterior)

RevHeadz was founded in 2013, by Greg Hill, Derek Long, and Chris Wise. Combined, they have experience working on titles such as Need for Speed, Real Racing, GT Legends, and iRacing.

Download RevHeadz Here
RevHeadz Official Site

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