IGP Manager – Three New Updates

The IGP Manager development team made an announcement a few days back that they made three new updates to one of my favorite games. I have played it weekly since our review more than a year ago.

Here’s what they’ve done to the latest build. They’re also offering more 2D trails, or one full month.

CSV Export of race data (subscribers only)

Subscribers can now export their detailed race data to a CSV file. If you are not a subscriber and want to access this feature, you have just a few hours left to purchase 1 year of 2D access for £19.99 in our ‘Discount Dracula’ Halloween special. The CSV file also includes a higher precision (to two decimal places) fuel and tyre reading than is available on the website. The link can be found at the bottom of your drivers detailed results (accessed by clicking on their race finishing time). The image below depicts where you will find the link.


New minimum track temperature

Intended to spice up the strategy a little by keeping the hard tyre in the mix, and providing a touch more realism, there is now a minimum temperature of 10 celsius / 50 farenheit on the weather system. This means no more sub-zero temperatures in the winter which rendered the hard tyre obsolete. The hard tyre should now be useable all year round.

2D Trials extended to ten races or one month

Trial users now have access to a 10 race trial period, or one month, whichever expires first. This will give them more time to preview the feature before deciding to become a subscriber. Additionally, trials can no longer be used to spectate a race that you are not participating in.

We also understand many of you experienced issues over the weekend with the service, including connection problems. We have identified several issues which led to the occurrence and prolonging of the downtime in some instances. Some of the issues were out of our hands, for example one issue was caused by poor network performance from the datacenter providing our servers. However, the good news is that the majority of the issues, and certainly the duration for which they endured, can be substantially reduced or prevented in future. We will be putting in work on that this week.


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