Sim Racing Garage Reviews Holger Q1R Quick Release

Sim Racing Garage has released a review of the Q1R Quick Release System, designed by Holger Buchfink. In this video, Barry Rowland takes a look at the unique quick release, and gives you his thoughts. This is a two-part video review, with both parts worth watching.

The Holger QR1 features a revolutionary new design, inspired by the quick release system used for bicycle wheels. The design is intended to provide zero slop, as other quick releases may develop over time. I have to say though, it does look like a solid piece of equipment, and seems built to last! The system includes a base unit that attaches to the wheel hub, as well as wheel sides that support 50mm and 70mm wheels. The base retails for 66 EUR (around $90 USD) and the wheel side of the unit retails for 58 EUR ($80 USD).

You can order the Q1R Quick Release directly from Holger Buchfink from his official site. What do you guys think of the design?

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