Sim Racing Garage Reviews Heusinkveld Engineering Pro Pedals

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage has been pumping out reviews on sim racing hardware that most of us only dream of having. This time, he has released a review of Niels Heusinkveld’s Pro Pedal Set. This marks Barry’s third pedal set that he has reviewed, with the first two being the Emery Emond Hydraulic Pedals and the ARC_Team Carbon Pedals. It is definitely interesting that he has reviewed three of the high-end competitors in the sim pedal market, which is all the better for us! The video is in three parts: the first part covers the look and function of the pedals, the second part covers the wide variety of adjustments to the pedals, and the third part covers wiring and seeing the pedals in action. The series clocks in at nearly 45 minutes, but is definitely a great watch.

Something else that is noteworthy is that the third video also features a functional version of Sam Maxwell’s Formula Custom Rim on his Leo Bodnar Steering System. It’s definitely fun seeing what surprises Barry has up his sleeve, and makes his videos all the more enjoyable to watch!

What do you guys think of Barry’s reviews? What is your favorite high end pedal set on the market?