ProtoSimTech PT-1 Pedals Update

The crew at ProtoSimTech (PST) have been working on bringing quality, yet affordable pedals, to the sim racing market for nearly three years and are now closer than ever.  The team has released a video showing were the project currently stands after having to make a tough decision.

The tough decision was to powder coat or not.  The idea was to powder coat the pedals black but that plan was squashed after the quotes came back at a much higher price than anticipated.  Instead of passing the expense on to the consumers, PST decided to go with plan B…which was originally plan A.  That plan is to sand blast the pedals instead (much cheaper), which leaves the pedals with a sparkly silver look.  I think it looks better myself.

There isn’t a release date yet but it’s certainly getting closer.  The first batch of pedals are done (around 20 pedals).  They are powder coated but they will still cost the regular price of $319 for the two pedal set and $379 for the three pedal set.  All sets after the first will be sand blasted.


If you’re interested in being one of the first people to purchase the pedals, head over to PST’s website and sign up.  I’ve been following the development of these pedals for a long time and I can’t think of potentially a better ‘bang for your buck’ situation in the sim racing world then these.  You should be excited.


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction

50KG Load Cell – Brake Pedal

Industrial Quality Potentiometers (rated for millions of turns) – Throttle and Clutch Pedals

Multiple Pedal Face Positions

Adjustable Pedal Height

Adjustable Spring Tension

Adjustable Pedal Travel

Adjustable Potentiometer Travel

Adjustable Clutch “Feel”

Can Be Inverted or Placed Right Side Up (with each pedal separately)

Adjustable Load Cell Position (for lighter or heavier braking)

Clutch Mechanism Can Be Removed While Retaining Full Clutch Functionality