New Thrustmaster GTE Wheel Adaptor from SRH

Sim Racing Hardware has released its newest product and it caters to the Thrustmaster crowd.  The new Thrustmaster GTE Wheel Adaptor allows for owners to replace the original Thrustmaster rim with a real racing wheel that attaches to the GTE plate and paddles.  The adaptor is designed to accept 70mm PCD wheels/hubs (most MOMO wheels) and comes with 3 countersunk bolts to mount the new wheel and longer bolts to fit the adapter to GTE Plate.

Thrustmaster-GTE-Wheelplate_2 (1)

The adapter is capable with all the Thrustmaster GTE Wheel models, T500, T300, TX, etc.  The adaptor is now available from Sim Racing Hardware’s website for £24.95 ($39.07 USD).



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