Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedal Review by Sim Racing Garage

Barry of Sim Racing Garage has released his latest video, a VERY in-depth review of the high-end Heusinkveld Engineering Ultimate Pedal.  As always, Barry goes over every nut and bolt of the pedals before hopping in his rig and giving it a spin.

My favorite part of the review, besides measuring the durometer rating (us engineers are weird), is watching him run laps.  Can certainly tell from Barry’s calf that the brake pedal takes a bit more pressure than your run-of-the-mill pedal set!

The entire one-hour review can be watched below.  If you would rather watch it in smaller chunks, check out these segment links.


In the Box:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=47s


Measuring Rubber Bumper Durometer Rating:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=15m27s

Pedal Adjustments:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=24m41s

Installing Pedals and Seating Position:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=46m3s

DiView Calibration and Load Cell Resolution:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=49m14s

Driving the Pedals:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=52m59s

Final Thoughts:http://youtu.be/cYW8Vzm9fIA?t=57m29s