DIY: Custom Button Box

Last year, we showcased building a custom button box for sim racing, and since then have had an overwhelming showcase on our forums of members designing their own custom button box. One of our members, Bailey Lagstrum (known in the community as Lopsided), shows that girls can make some awesome DIY equipment too, with her custom button box!

She first designed a full-featured 80/20 Rig with her husband, and caught the DIY bug. Her Derek Speare Black Max was specifically labeled for rFactor 2, so she decided that she would like design a custom button box for iRacing, so she could switch out boxes as she liked!


She used a DSD No Matrix Controller Board inside a Hammond 1599 Project Box. The box features includes 31 functions, including buttons, toggles, rotaries, and switches. A LED light wired into the top of the box allows for viewability late into the night. This is definitely one of the nicest DIY boxes I have seen, and looks like wouldn’t be out of place in a real car!


Bailey, you did an awesome job seeing your vision come to reality with this beautiful piece of hardware, and thanks for sharing it with us!

You guys can can check out the process of her building the box, as well as some some pictures, on her thread in our forums.