DMi to Establish NASCAR Interactive Entertainment

NASCAR Interactive Entertainment

A new game publisher has been formed and it goes by the name Dusenberry-Martin Interactive or DMi. Games veterans Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin have joined forces with HC2 to establish NASCAR Interactive Entertainment.

Based on their press release at their website, DMi has acquired the NASCAR game assets from Eutechnyx and starting January 1, 2015 DMi will relocate to Charlotte NC. DMi is a new NASCAR Interactive Entertainment games publisher committed to fun and repeatable games for NASCAR Fans.

Here’s a quote from their site:

Quality commitment to NASCAR game fans
DMi is committed to delivering a high quality NASCAR digital game fan experience on video game consoles, PC, tablets and Smart Phones.

So it looks like Eutechnyx will either be working with DMi, or DMi will take over all NASCAR related development and publishing. I just went to the Eutechnyx website and they have no mention of prior or future NASCAR titles. But if I go to the ETXRacing site, this is what shows up with links to both Eutechnyx and DMi Games.

NASCAR Interactive Entertainment

I felt that the “NASCAR The Game” series had potential, but never really got to what it could have been. Maybe with DMi running the show, that will change and a new high quality NASCAR title will emerge on all platforms.

What did you think of the NASCAR titles from Eutechnyx and what do you think about this news in general ? Let us know in the comments below !