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NASCAR Heat Evolution Career First Look

NASCAR Heat Evolution was released yesterday, which means one thing, time for us to try it out.  Unfortunately, we didn’t receive our copy until launch day – despite NASCAR Heat Evolution advertisements running all over our YouTube channel for the past week… – so the best we can do on such short notice, is this Career First Look.

And it’s a doozy of a First Look, with Billy Strange focusing on the things that matter, wheel setup, driving, and not worrying about the frivolous stuff, like I don’t know….men’s hairstyles.

Oh, wait?  There was a segment on men’s grooming?  Never mind then…

But once we cut through the multiple shades of messy hair, NASCAR Heat Evolution shows itself to be…well…a bit messy too.  We’ll let you watch and see for yourself, but a handful of positives like good feeling physics, nice setup options and quick load times have a hard time making up for buggy controls, bad force feedback, sub-par sounds and graphics, erratic AI, and some silly game design decisions.

Yea…  We’ll see if we get to reviewing NASCAR Heat Evolution or not, or at least waiting for some updates before doing so.