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MXGP3 – New Gameplay Trailer Released

With only a couple of weeks left until release, Milestone has released a new trailer for upcoming MXGP3 showing real gameplay. You can view the trailer above.

MXGP3 – More Than Real

Although MXGP3’s release had to be pushed back a little, judging by the gameplay, Milestone seems to be on the best way of making the release date of May 30 (June 20 for North America).

After the last trailer showcased the MXGP3’s weather system, this one focuses on gameplay only. For the first time, we can see the MXGP3 AI at work, racing on the Kegums track.

The trailer greatly showcases the new Unreal Engine 4 in action as well, which will most likely be Milestones game engine of choice from now on. Gravel, for example, will also take advantage of it.

Apart from the racing action, we get to see the HUD for the first time too. It is simple yet functional, similar to the HUD in Gravel.

Below you can view some screenshots from the trailer.

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