Milestone to Launch New IP with Koch Media in 2017, Reveal at GDC

After announcing a new partnership with European distributor Koch Media as well as a new, still secret IP last week, Italian developer studio Milestone has now revealed that it will be bringing this very IP, together with MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame – to this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, taking place between February 27 and March 3.

The partnership

Koch Media, who’s subsidiary Deep Silver may be more familiar to you, is a globally operating video game distributor based in Germany, who positions itself as the “No. 1 European Publishing Partner”.

The first game to be released together with Koch Media will be MXGP3, due in spring this year. MXGP3 will run on the Unreal Engine 4, so major graphical improvements can be expected. Moreover, it will feature a dynamic weather system and deformable terrain.

Apart from that, Milestone’s follow-up to MotoGP 15, MotoGP 17, will also be amongst Koch Media’s line up, along with said new IP. You can check out the full press release regarding the partnership here.

Game Developer’s Conference

Fast forward a couple of days, Milestone has now announced that it will be making its first GDC appearance this year. The new IP will be revealed and attendees will even have the chance to try it out at the AESVI stand. MXGP3 can be tried out too.

Milestone’s V.P. Luisa Bixio stated that Milestones has “decided to take a longer look at the US market” and it will have “some news to share […] that lays out our plans for America in 2017. It’s exciting.” A hint? Maybe a US themed game is in the pipeline? It would definitely complement Milestone’s line up well. The full press release regarding Milestone’s GDC appearance can be found here.

However, Milestone has already released a game this year, Ride 2, you can check out our coverage here and if you enter the giveaway you might even end up with a free copy of the game.

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