Moto GP 17 Is Out Now

The wait is over for most of us, Moto GP 17 is now available for Xbox1, Ps4 and Windows via Steam. If you live in America you will have to wait until 11th July to enjoy this game.

All the circuits and riders are from the official 2017 Moto GP series, and includes over 70 historical riders. Not only will you be able to race your MotoGP Bike around all the famous circuits but also manage your very own team in the new Managerial Career Mode. Exclusively to PS4 and PS4 “Pro” there is an “e-sports” Championship to compete against the best in the world!

Lots of effort has gone into the sounds in the game with it being reported that the bike sounds are 100% true to life. This is due to the sounds being taken from the bikes in real time. The AI has also been revamped making it one of the most competitive ever along with super realistic overtakes and damage. We also welcome the statistic of a solid 60fps, which will allow a infinite detail of bike control, this alone is an exciting addition.

The career mode is very in-depth, allowing you to choose riders, staff and nutritionist. Starting from MOTO3 you can begin to climb the ladder of success buying more competitive bikes and highly experienced team members and in turn getting the results to pull in the sponsorship deals.

You can enjoy the game online and offline, with the new MotoGP e-Sports Championship, currently limited to PS4 and PS4 Pro. There are a lot of nice prizes on offer for the winner of this event, including  a brand new BMW M240i! The e-Sports competition will find the 16 fastest riders in the world over 7 online events. You will than have a chance to compete in the final which will be run during the Valencia GP and shown worldwide live.

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