McLaren Simulator Series by Vesaro Now Available

At the end of March, the English high-end simulator manufacturer Vesaro announced that it had a partnership with McLaren and as a result the McLaren Simulator Series.

McLaren Simulator Series by Vesaro?

The simulators are being developed together with the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England and will be available in three different categories. Just as with the real cars, these are called Sports Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. In the real world, the main difference lie in the performance. The Sports Series is considered to be the entry-level series, mind you it is still blisteringly fast, and performance goes upwards from there.

With Vesaro, the differences lie in the features, e.g. different support tiers, included hardware, motion, used components.

The seats and the wheels of the simulators are real McLaren products, for the ultimate immersion. Some seats even offer full adjustability, just like the real car and McLaren’s Chief Test Driver also played a role in the simulators’ development.

As you can imagine, the simulators are not cheap. Detailed prices can be found on Vesaro’s website but to say the least, if you continue to save a little more you might even be able to swing a real McLaren. Anyhow, that is not the point of the product.

Nevil Slade, CEO of Vesaro Limited, describes the partnership as follows.

Through this unique collaboration of two pioneering British companies, we have created a range of simulators that set the standard for virtual recreation of high performance driving.

What does this show?

McLaren has arrived in sim racing. No other brand has immersed itself so much in the world of sim racing in the last couple of months and we hope that many will follow. A global competition seeking the best sim racer, numerous partnerships with companies from the industry, now including Vesaro, and of course many appearances in many games are amongst McLaren’s sim racing activities.

It is great to see a company like McLaren, combining high performance cars with an immense racing pedigree, being the trendsetter here and fingers crossed that more is on its way. With the wide adoption of esports taking place nearly everywhere in the industry now, it would be no surprise to see some other big names entering the ring for some healthy competition and to offer more for the consumer in the end.

Below you can find some images of the high-end McLaren Simulator Series by Vesaro simulators.

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