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And The World’s Fastest Gamer is…

The McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer competition has come to an end and after several tests and races Rudy van Buren was able to claim the title of the World’s Fastest Gamer and therefore the place as McLaren’s new official Formula 1 simulator test driver!

30.000 Applications

It really sounds crazy. Over 30.00 sim racers put in times online in various sims and all was narrowed down to twelve finalists.

In the first phase, that number was brought down to six by selecting the best of the lot through tests of cognitive functions, and driving abilities.

The two finalists were the chosen after various physical tests, including a 24-Hour sim race and seat time in McLaren’s hydraulic simulators.

The final was then carried out between Freek Shothorst of Team Redline and Rudy van Buren.

The final challenges featured a four-hour assessment in McLaren’s actual F1 simulator, which is of course what the whole competition was actually about.

Van Buren came out has the winner and is now given a second chance in motorsport, after his already successful karting career sadly came to an abrupt end, due to financial constraints.

The whole contest extensively documented on McLaren’s YouTube channel. Head here, if you want to see more.

As we know, the World’s Fastest Gamer competition was only the beginning, since McLaren recently hired a Direcotr of Esports, dedicated to projects like WFG.

McLaren WFG winner Rudy van Buren

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